[What Is] Maturity Status

Maturation is the onset of the adolescent growth spurt. Maturation Status is either how far an individual is away from it, how far through it, or how far after it they are. (Pre, Circa & Post Peak Height Velocity (PHV)).

To calculate it using the Khamis-Roche method you need:




Parental heights to calculate the mid-parental height.

This then gives you a percentage of Predicted Adult Height (%PAH). 

By knowing player A with Maturity Status of 95% and player B at only 85% then this will help to make better and more informed decisions about the coaching, selection, S&C evaluations, playing up/down of both players.  

Maturity Timing is different to Maturity Status. A player’s maturity timng can be classified as Early, On Time or Late. Typically 15% are Early and Late with 70% On Time.

Maturity Status & Relative Age Effect

Maturity Status is an entirely different though often interrelated construct to the Relative Age Effect. A player may be old for their year but a late maturer. Conversely they may be young for their year yet an early maturer. A player who is early born (Q1/Q2 for RAE) and an early maturer will gain the most from systemic bias. Conversely a late born (Q3/Q4 for RAE) and a late maturer will find it the most tough to be selected and stay in the development pathway.

Genetic height

Adult height is approx 60-70% inherited. If a player who has small parents is ‘small’ they may still be very near their adult height. Genetic height is often a complicating factor in player selection that can easily be overlooked without good and accurate Maturity Status data.

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Rob Reed

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