How we can fix RAE and Maturation issues in English Cricket

Why should we care about this?

We should recognise it’s UNFAIR. All sports should have Equality of Opportunity.

It’s COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. Elite players are derived from a reduced player pool.


What can we do about it?

MONITOR 5 Yr Rolling Averages for Age Groups to target a 25% Quarterly distribution for RAE.

MEASURE. Height/Weight Qtrly. Use % of Predicted Adult Height (Khamis-Roche method) to know Biological Age.

USE Biological Age & Chronological Age in assessing Fitness & Performance Data.

USE Age ordered bibs at trials to help coaches make better informed decisions.

USE Biobanded match play in addition to age group matches. This offers different and often more appropriate challenges for early or late maturing players.

What else would you suggest? Let me know @nothirdman.

Rob Reed
Rob Reed

Interested in Relative Age Effects & Maturation in Player Id & Development 🏏 #OneMoreSummer